Ethnographer. Storyteller. Consultant. 

I am an Italian-Chinese sociocultural researcher with experience in the US, Europe and Asia. I have a personal and professional interest for understanding human behaviour and identifying cultural phenomena and in turn offering relevant guidance on strategies for new products and services development.

I have worked with ReD Associates, Gemic, the WPP group, Dragon Rouge Asia, IMS Health and Stripe Partners across a wide range of industry areas, from healthcare technology to foods & beverages, fashion and alcohol. 

Living and working in different countries  has led me to grow a strong sense of empathy, which I draw upon in my work to tell stories of how individuals interact and relate to the material world around us. 



An insider’s look into grass-root self-help groups in Shanghai for Roads & Kingdoms and Slate Magazine

An ethnographic film that captures the diverse voices of young Chinese in Italy as they confront questions of selfhood and identity. Screened at MUDEC Milan, EPIC Montréal, Ethnofest Athens.

An examination of cultural factors that shape environmental behaviours in urban contexts. You can find an overview here or ask me for a pdf copy of “Cultural boundaries to climate change: perceptions of everyday climate-relevant issues”.

Luxury shopping in Rome to understand how consumers seek meaning through relationships with overseas “daigou” shopping agents

At the Eve of change in Laoximen, having ales in real Shanghai before demolitions

Moving to Africa for fresh air - insights into Nairobi's new Chinese Community  

Catching up with artists in Beijing and Shanghai - watch the video trailer here