I am an Italian-Chinese sociocultural analyst with experience in the US, Europe and Asia. I have a personal and professional interest for understanding human behaviour and identifying cultural phenomena and in turn offering relevant guidance on strategies for new products and services development.

I have worked with ReD Associates, Gemic, the WPP group, Dragon Rouge Asia, IMS Health and Stripe Partners across a wide range of industry areas, from healthcare technology to foods & beverages, fashion and alcohol.

Living and working in different countries and being an avid traveller has led me to grow a strong sense of empathy, which I draw upon in my work to tell stories of how individuals interact and relate to the material world around us.

Raised in Italy by parents that were part of the first wave of Chinese migrants to continental Europe, I grew up in a family that jumped from one city to another in order to seize the economic opportunities at the time. This meant witnessing and living in economically, politically and socially diverse environments - core contributors to my curiosity toward what drives an individual’s behaviour and choice.

I hold a BSc Economics from Royal Holloway, University of London and an MSc Population & Development from The London School of Economics & Political Science. I have worked with non-profits in Italy and the UK, as a researcher at the UN in NYC and consultant at innovation consultancies in Denmark, Finland and China. I have conducted ethnographic research in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific. 









Beer, Wine & Spirits




Design, scoping and execution of research

Analysis & Insights

Design & execution of ideation workshops


Mandarin Fluent speaker

Oujiang dialect Fluent speaker 

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